Real Natural henna vs Fake henna !

I hope that many of you know, that there is different henna out there on the market that could contact harmful chemicals that can scar you or blister your skin or even make you ill over the long term. They can contain food colourings, ppd or other weird ingredients. Let me tell you about PPD: Para-phenylendiamine based black hair dye should never be put straight on your skin, plain, or mixed with other material.   Synthetic Black Hair Dye is illegal to put on skin, because that is not an approved use.  Even when this dye is applied to hair, people must wear gloves, and they try to not get it on the scalp!  PPD, Para-phenylendiamine can seriously injure people.  Para-phenylenediamine is a strong sensitizer, transdermal toxin and potential carcinogen.  Many people get itching, blistering and hair loss from using black hair dye on their hair. It sounds all crazy right? Ever heard the saying if you cant read it don’t use it…. Thats exactly the same as PPD, never use it on your skin it can be very dangerous for your beautiful skin. Look at these pictures of what PPD can do.! Please never use this nasty chemical on your […]
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Henna designs that I think are pretty cool !!

Searching all over the internet i can see many many different henna designs that i think are absolutely beautiful. There is so many henna artists worldwide that are making their mark with henna. Using different henna types such as Natural Henna , White Henna or Jagua Ink. Check out these awesome henna designs !!                    
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