Personal Henna
250 Dhs 60 Minutes
Within 60 minutes both sides of one hand or the front of two hands can be achieved.With the design being a simple and not a full covering design.
Personal (Mini)
125 Dhs 30 Minutes
This appointment will be perfect for creating small designs down one hand which will stop slightly after the wrist.
Bollywood Bride
1500 Dhs 6 Hours
Full bollywood bridal henna, with designs covering the front and back of the hands up to elbow. Including the feet all the way up to the shins.
Blushing Bride
750 Dhs 3 Hours
Front & back of hands (only). Design can be intricate and delicate.
Hourly price (For events)
150 Dhs Hourly basis
SJ Henna is also available for events and party bookings. Such as weddings, birthdays, corporate events, fetes and markets, festivals.