Flowery Petals

Home freestyle design for myself. With a lot of leafy elements. Using only 100% natural henna paste.
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Bridesmaids Henna

Henna for a client in the UK. Who had not had henna for a very long time. It was her sisters wedding so she asked me to design something simple and not too traditional.
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Bold palm design

Full palm design with Indian features. A pretty peacock is in the design too. This was finished off with sparkly blue glitter.
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Intricate petals

This design was inspired by the pretty petals of a flower. It taken me approximately 15 minutes to create this design.
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Precious Petals

This was a really relaxing design to create. All freestyle once again. I felt this design has a subtle elegance and tranquility about it. After adding the blue and gold glitter this really finished the design off well.
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