How do i prepare for my SJ Henna appointment?

  • Book on the contact page with your required service type and any other information.
  • Make sure that your skin is free of any lotions or oils prior to the henna application.
  • Manicures & waxing should be done in advance before your henna booking.
  • Spray tans can inhibit the henna from staining effectively.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing that doesnt cover the area to be applied with henna.

How is the henna applied?

  • The henna will be applied to clean and dry skin. Depending on the design and service type you have chosen the amount of application time can vary. 
  • Once your design is dry, SJ will seal the design with a sealant mix to ensure the design stays in place overnight or however long you wish to keep the design on for. We recommend atleast 3-6 Hours.
  • After the henna design has been on for the recommended duration please pick the henna off and do not wash the design off with water (never).
  • You should avoid water after 24 hours on the henna area as this can prevent the henna from staining well.
  • For best results the henna should be applied atleast 2 days before your event to ensure the henna is dark.

What henna is used and where is it from?

  • SJ Henna always ensure that the henna paste is natural and free from any chemicals.
  • The henna that SJ uses is never black.
  • The scientific name for henna is (lawsonia Inermis)

How long will the henna last for?

  • Depending on how you care for your henna design. It can last from 1 week to 2 weeks. 
  • If the area is washed quite often this can make the henna wear off quicker.
  • I recommend to use a natural skin balm to make the henna last longer.